Phuket Adventure Part 6: Four Islands Tour of Magic

Not one, not two, but four Phuket islands in one day. As the group sat around a table sipping

Phuket Adventure Part 5: Exploring the rest of the island

After the Fantasea “rip-off”, we decided to explore Phuket on our own. About 100m

Phuket Adventures

Phuket Adventure Part 4: Sleep, shop, ski and fly in Phuket

There are many adventures to be had in Phuket. The day after our arrival, the company that

Phuket Adventure Part 3: Patong & Hotel Review

Patong is where it’s happening Thailand has a reputation for its nightlife and while

Phuket Wat

Phuket Adventure Part 2: Welcome to Thailand and hello Patong

First Impressions of Phuket After a marathon 22-hours of travelling, we had finally arrived


Phuket Adventure Part 1: Do we or don’t we

It was a normal Monday morning late in January when my inbox was humming with the usual weekend