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Shipping & Returns

Shipping costs
1. We ship worldwide. Just buy and enjoy first-class service, we delivered to the door.

2. After a while, we have to do it, payment is processed, the number (if any) followed by 1-4 days after the meeting. Load depends on the mass determination of the product type. We charge customers more money, save a very low price.

Protect the third marine insurance package lost or damaged items. Although the report of all problems, we will help you solve the problem of their time.

4.Flat rate delivery will take about 7-25 business days global target. But regional differences are used, it is out of our control and therefore we ask our customers to be patient.

A) In the United States, Canada, customers in Australia it takes about 7-14 days.
B) In the case of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and most other European countries takes 7-25 working days.
C). For customers in Latin America, you may need 15-30 days.
D). Other countries may need 15-25 days.

5. In case of default delivery usually takes 6-10 working days in most beneficiary countries. The tracking numbers after each transmission point, usually 1-2 days, we delivered for cargo tracking. From time to time there may be a slight delay, which means that the results of transport companies can follow. This is beyond our control, and therefore we ask our customers to be patient.

6. For fast shipping, we will DHL, PKD or other services depending on the venue, to expedite delivery, delivery time 3-7 days.

What is the lead time for the project?
If you make sure the order, each project strictly controls its quality to ensure the quality of the products. Remember that the different components are intended for other uses during processing. Under normal circumstances, the average processing time was 4 days (approximately), but according to the list of projects. For small orders, turnaround time is 2-7 days, and to deal a lot about the need for 3-7 days.

Plus 1 and longer standard speed traffic distances and after Hong Kong is under time.

2. Chinese public holidays this year: Chinese New Year (usually February) Labor Day (1 May each year), China National Day (1 October each year). Note that each arrival arrival time in these times when it are disconnected from our suppliers and logistics services. Often moved 3-4 days or even longer. Sorry for the delay caused in the meantime, I call to the service of our customers.

3. Duration of treatment: To ensure the quality of the products before they come out of your preparation project. Our products have a strict quality control and a good packaging of the product.

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