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Privacy Notice

We believe that the first safety rating, this review of our security, but if you have any questions, please call our customer service. As stored in security and privacy to display and manage our personal information on this Privacy Policy and as law,

We have taken concrete steps to prohibit unauthorized or suspicious activities of personal data, including the level of encryption technology groups and industry standards.

When you visit a Web site, collect the payment, delivery and consulting products to set up, require personal information. As long as we keep your data and recovery process for complaints / respond through subscriptions or advertising material.

Under normal circumstances, we make sure they do not live on our card processing agents, guides and love to get their financial data.

He has given us, we have shown that the demand for information as electronic information, provided

Through registration information, can the special offers and promotions subscribe to choose from. From here you can send messages at any time Customer Service by email

We in the European Economic Area ( "EEA"), except to offer in this situation, users offer outside the European Economic Area for processing payment products, to / reward your information or send you a subscription of advertising messages, information sharing.

Our site can identify the user and a cookie. Visit our website cookies adapt based on their personal preference. You can change the settings on the Internet change the cookie avoided.

This site contains links to other websites their own privacy policies for privacy policies of such sites is not responsible.

If you provide information, you consent to the risks of the Internet, and you will lose data if it does not comply with a duty of care.

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