Phuket Adventures

Phuket Adventure Part 4: Sleep, shop, ski and fly in Phuket

There are many adventures to be had in Phuket. The day after our arrival, the company that did our airport transfer sent a representative to the hotel to check if the service we received was satisfactory. At first, we thought, wow – what wonderful post experience service, but then we saw the catch. The representative

Phuket Adventure Part 3: Patong & Hotel Review

Patong is where it’s happening Thailand has a reputation for its nightlife and while places like Bangkok and Pattaya are probably more raucous than Phuket, the island does deliver quite a punch at its famous Bangla Road in Patong. As you get closer, the music gets louder and the lights get brighter, all contributing to

Phuket Wat

Phuket Adventure Part 2: Welcome to Thailand and hello Patong

First Impressions of Phuket After a marathon 22-hours of travelling, we had finally arrived in Phuket and were ready to get to Patong. Here is a breakdown of our journey: Johannesburg to Doha: 9 hours Transfer in Doha: 2 hours Doha to Chennai: 4.5 hours (re-routed due to medical emergency – see flight review here)


Phuket Adventure Part 1: Do we or don’t we

It was a normal Monday morning late in January when my inbox was humming with the usual weekend emails busy downloading when the subject line “Red Hot Phuket” caught my eye. At the time, Phuket was a popular up & coming destination for South Africans. Popular due to the sheer value for money, I secretly