New York Shopping

New York Shopping Adventure

New York is such an iconic city that many brands create products that you will only find in New York. So while in some cases, the price might be the same or even higher than other parts of the world, the product itself is unique to New York and you won’t find it anywhere else

Big Adventure in the Big Apple, New York City

I Love New York and what better than a big adventure in the big apple. I am convinced that it was a visitor and not a New Yorker that came up with this campaign – irrespective of what wikipedia says. New Yorkers rarely leave New York and they don’t come to appreciate their home nearly

Allianz Arena in Munich Germany

An adventure through Germany

Wednesday – The beginning of our Adventure to Germany This was no ordinary work day, instead, it was the start of our adventure to Germany. With the flight scheduled to depart in the evening, there was time to get some work done, squeeze in a few meetings and even some last minute packing before heading